Change initiatives fail when stakeholders don’t understand the change, aren’t equipped with the skills needed to succeed, and when leaders are not actively sponsoring the change and managing resistance.

With more than 20 years of corporate IT change management experience, senior change management consultant Lisa Klarner and her partners help organizations develop a change management strategy and approach that sets your organization up for success in alignment with your company culture (the current culture, or the culture you aspire to have). Using proven methods to help engage and inform your stakeholders, your employees understand the bigger picture, and in turn, have higher change adoption.

<strong>Prosci® Certified</strong>

Prosci® Certified

Based on research conducted with more than 3,400 participants over the last 20 years, Prosci’s change management methodology combines individual change management and organizational change management to help organizations successfully make a change. So, what are the keys to successful change management? Awareness of the need for change,
Desire to participate in and support the change, Knowledge on how to change, Ability to implement required skills and behaviors and Reinforcement to sustain the change, known as ADKAR.

<strong>Change Management Strategy</strong>

Change Management Strategy

What is the scope of the change? What is the timeline? Whether your organization’s change involves a formal project, strategic initiative or a shift in the way your organization operates, developing a change management strategy is key to gaining stakeholder buy-in and successfully implementing change.

Lisa works alongside your project manager to identify change management milestones and guide you throughout the process.

Looking for a change management strategy but want to execute it on your own? We do that.

<strong>Change Management Communications</strong>

Change Management Communications

By sharing what you know, when you know it, you offer a level of transparency that both informs and builds trust with your employees. Lisa Klarner and her team can help with important change management communications by providing:

• Both change management and communications solutions for smaller projects
• Both change management and communications for larger companies (using experienced change management communications partners when needed)
• Change management consulting services only, using your internal communications team as a communications partner.

Getting started

Ready to find out how a change management consultant could help you? As a change management advisor, Lisa offers a complimentary change management discovery session to understand your organization’s change initiative, your goals and challenges, and how Lisa and her team might be a good fit for your organization. Plus, you’ll gain immediate insight into areas of your organization that may benefit from change management. 

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