Discover and rise above your challenges: reach your full career potential, build stronger relationships, find and embrace your best self, and successfully navigate family challenges. Professional career and life coach Lisa Klarner has been in your shoes and is ready to help.

Step 1: Schedule your free* session

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Step 2: Take the Assessment

Complete a quick assessment so we can work on issues that are most relevant to you.

*Follow-up sessions are $150/session and typically last 60-90 minutes.


Get on a direct path to success with life coaching

Whether you want to improve your performance at work, address your (lack of) work-life balance or learn how to handle anxiety, Lisa helps you identify and prioritize the areas that need attention.

Using a tool called Success GPS™, you will be able to:

  • Understand why you may be experiencing stress, anxiety or discontent
  • Become aware of barriers that may be holding you back
  • Recognize why it has been challenging to succeed across all areas of your life: work, family and self

Why a life coach?

Improve self-awareness

Understand and embrace your strengths

Improve your confidence


“Lisa is an amazing coach! I was at a juncture point in my career and needed to take a close look at where I was heading. Her techniques, tools and approach helped me dig deep and evaluate what it was that brought me energy which was essential with identifying what my true goals were. From there she gently but strongly coached me thru defining next steps, holding me accountable and truly caring about my success. The insights from the CORE testing was invaluable both professionally and personally!”

—Peggy L., Manager at an enterprise operations center