A Letter to Victims of Bullying

October is bullying awareness month.  Bullying continues to get a lot of attention and there are many organizations dedicated to educating bullies and victims with a common goal of putting an end to bullying once and for all.  Most people who have experienced bullying know that it is possible to survive the verbal and physical abuse.  If we know of someone who is currently being bullied, we can be there for them, providing compassion and support.  Giving them hope and courage to persevere.  We can pray, asking God to give them strength.

  “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

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What I’d like to share with you here is a letter I wrote to victims of bullying.  Please share this with anyone you know who is dealing with bullying…


Dear Victims of Bullying,

Your life may seem horrible.  You may be sad, depressed and angry.  You may have given up hope.  I am sorry this is happening to you.  Be strong.  Ask for help.  Know you will get through this.  Pray for strength and courage.

In Isaiah 41:10, we are reassured that God is with us, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

I, too, was bullied and felt very alone and afraid during that time of my life.  I prayed for God’s help, but I never felt He was helping me because the bullying continued.  What I know now, all these years later, was that He was helping me.  He never left.  His love was always there.  I just needed to look into my heart – but my mind, the fear and negative thoughts took over.  My heart continued to beat and my breath stayed strong, waiting patiently for me to feel the peace and confidence that was inside me all along.  I was blind to the people who were there to help me – the friends, family, teachers.  I never communicated my fears.  I never asked for help.

How can people help you if you don’t tell them what’s wrong?  How can things change for the better if you believe the untrue words the bullies say?  How can you survive the physical abuse if you allow the pain the bullies inflict on you to impact who you are?

Please know this will end.  This part of your life is hard and my heart goes out to you.  Comfort yourself by spending time with friends, family and He who gives you strength.

What I ask of you now, is to tell someone you need help.  Trust that this too shall pass.

With all my love and compassion,




Please share this message of hope for bully victims.  Thank you!


Additional Resources:

Here are a few additional resources on bullying.  I have additional resources on the Bullying page on my website too:

Stop Bullying.gov

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