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<strong>Why Life Coaching?</strong>

Why Life Coaching?

Lisa is a Professional Life Coach and Career Coach who will help you: navigate career, home and other life stressors; move through barriers that are holding you back; discover the life you desire; and create a personal, practical action plan to help you achieve your goals.
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<strong>The Coaching Experience</strong>

The Coaching Experience

Lisa is an open, honest and driven life coach with your best interest at heart. She will motivate and guide you toward your goals, hold you accountable along the way and provide you with objective perspectives on the challenges you face.
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<strong>Getting Started</strong>

Getting Started

Ready to find out how life coaching and career coaching could help you? Lisa offers a complimentary Success GPS™ assessment and 30 minute coaching discovery session. Gain immediate insight into areas of your life that may benefit from life coaching and career coaching meet Lisa to see if she is the right coach for you!
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What does a life coach do? A life coach uses experiences, proven tools and a passion for helping others to assist YOU in achieving YOUR goals. Lisa is a professional life coach who uses tools such as CORE Map, RAMP and Success GPS™, to help you better understand your strengths, to gain clarity on what to do more of and what to do less of, and to define a clear path toward achieving your goals. When coaching with Lisa, you will have access to proven methods to move forward more quickly and easily than traditional life coaching methods. Start living life your way—develop a personalized action plan and start your coaching journey today!
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Success GPS™

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These proven tools help you map out a laser-focused path to achieving the results

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Meet Lisa Klarner

Awakening Your Dreams, Your Goals, Your Very Best Life

Lisa is a certified professional life coach, speaker and author who is passionate about helping people pursue their best, balanced life.

  • Certified Life Coach and Career Coach located in Central Wisconsin in the city of Kaukauna
  • Graduate of life coaching program at Quantum Leap University
  • Business and change management professional with a 20+ year career at a Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Company
  • Anxiety Author and Educator
  • Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader
  • Longtime Anxiety Sufferer
  • Author of “Releasing the Secret Pain: Moving Beyond Social Anxiety Disorder”

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