Lisa Klarner Social Anxiety Disorder Anxiety Education SpeakerLisa Klarner:  Anxiety Education Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

  • Delivering informative, educational and inspiring presentations and workshops on a topic that is often difficult to grasp

  • Specializing in social anxiety disorder


Examples of presentations and workshops that Lisa offers:

Understanding the Socially Anxious Mind Keynote Presentation

Understanding the Socially Anxious Mind is an educational presentation which will give attendees a comprehensive awareness of a disorder which is often overlooked. As Lisa bravely shares her experiences with social anxiety disorder, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about proven therapies ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy to mindfulness and meditation. This presentation is educational and inspiring, giving hope and strategies to people who are suffering with social anxiety or who know someone who suffers with the disorder. Duration: 60-90 minutes

Anxiety Trends and Treatment Strategies Workshop

Anxiety disorders are a common struggle for many adults and children. These disorders create challenges for mental health professionals as they work to remove the veil of anxiety and reach the client in true form. With an increased focus on mental health recovery, professionals attending the Anxiety Trends and Treatment Strategies Workshop will increase their level of expertise in this area through interactive discussions and hands-on exposure.

Workshop leaders, Lisa Klarner and Jax Anderson, provide a blend of practical and clinical experiences. Lisa struggled with social anxiety disorder for many years, and will share her story with a focus on warning signs, anxiety-reduction techniques and relapse behaviors. Jax, a licensed professional counselor, will bring a clinician’s point of view into the workshop. Jax’s expertise in a wide range of therapeutic interventions and her passion for brain development are integrated throughout the workshop. Note: This workshop can be customized to focus on a wide range of audiences such as educators, parents, and more. Duration: 4 hours

Helping Anxious Kids

Anxiety is becoming an increasingly common challenge for children and adults in our fast-paced, technology-focused world. In this Helping Anxious Kids session, Lisa will educate participants on anxiety warning signs, give a real-life perspective on therapies and share ways in which adults can positively influence anxious kids. Participants will hear about Lisa’s journey through social anxiety at various stages of her life and understand her viewpoint on helpful interventions to minimize anxiety. Audience members will leave with actionable steps they can use to help the anxious kids in their lives. Duration: 60-90 minutes

Students and Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder continues to be a prevalent and often overlooked disorder. Students will hear real-life explanations of the disorder to increase their knowledge and to potentially shed light on their own struggles. Lisa will share the good and not-so-good ways she managed to “get by” before receiving treatment for social anxiety disorder. Students will learn about and have hands on exposure to proven therapies. Students will leave with a renewed understanding of a disorder that can cause debilitating levels of internal turmoil in teens and, if untreated, well into adulthood. Duration: 60 minutes


All presentations and workshops can be customized to align with your goals and desired outcomes.