growThe importance of on-going self-care

Whether you are recovering from an anxiety disorder, such as social anxiety, or simply finding your true, peaceful self, healing takes time, effort and on-going self-care. But the results make it all worthwhile. You will experience a new reality filled with peace and love. Maintaining a new-improved lifestyle requires that you prioritize on-going self-care.

How can you heal from social anxiety or simply maintain a peace-filled lifestyle? Learn from everything that happens to you.

When you learn, you improve and make your life even better. You’re responsible for maintaining your new lifestyle just as you are responsible for your healing.

There are many ways you can stay in-check. Here are some suggestions:

  • Eat right and exercise: Staying healthy helps you to feel better about yourself.
  • Meditate: Center yourself on your breath. Take time to stop and just “be”.
  • Write: Connect with yourself and God through your pen. Write down positive and negative thoughts. Release the negative and savor the positive.
  • Read inspiring books: Authors like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle can lift your spirits.
  • Be optimistic: Optimism is contagious. Associate with optimistic people. Perhaps later, join a club of like-minded upbeat people and expand your interests. Meet up with an optimistic friend.



Look around and really see life.  Enjoy nature.  Enjoy your family and friends.


Listen to your heart.  Pay attention to your thoughts, gently observe them, but don’t react.


Love who you are.  You are a great person and always remember that.