growAs you heal from social anxiety disorder, the changes in your life will be amazing. Keep your eyes open and you will experience life in a new reality. A peaceful life with your family and friends. Love will surround you. Take care of yourself, stay focused on on-going self care even when you no longer have a social anxiety disorder diagnosis.

There are many ways to continue the evolution of finding your true self – the you that is already there – beneath the illusion of anxiety. Learn from everything that happens. If you learn, you improve and make your life even better. You are responsible for your healing.

Once you have achieved success in healing from social anxiety disorder or SAD, you may think it’s OK to stop all therapies (I know I did!). A decision like this can be detrimental to your long-term healing.

There are many ways you can stay in check, here’s some suggestions:

  • Eat right and exercise: Staying healthy helps you to feel better about yourself.
  • Meditate: Center yourself on your breath. Take time to stop and just “be”.
  • Journal: Connect with yourself and God through your pen. Get the thoughts, positive and negative down. Release the negative and savor the positive.
  • Read inspirational books: reading books by authors such as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle are very uplifting.
  • Associate with optimistic people: As you become more confident, join a club of like-minded people – positive people – and expand your horizons. Or setup a lunch date with an optimistic friend.



Look around and really see life.  Enjoy nature.  Enjoy your family and friends.


Listen to your heart.  Pay attention to your thoughts, gently observe them, but don’t react.


Love who you are.  You are a great person and always remember that.