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Our world is moving so fast – faster and faster every day it seems. Many people rush through life like a high-speed train and it’s difficult to stop long enough to check-in on our emotional well-being. Our own self-care is last on our priority list.

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I understand because this is a struggle for me too. Just the other night, I was working, and working … just one more thing to do… Then, I finally decided I needed to stop and do yoga. As I laid on the yoga mat to center myself before starting practice, my body was still, but the energy flowing through my body was still moving. It almost felt as if I was a car skidding to a stop on a snowy road, my foot was off the gas, but the car continued to skid forward. The good news is that after a few seconds, I felt more grounded and was ready to start yoga.

It’s important for all of us to look for opportunities to pause, rest and reflect. And, while most of us recognize the value of pausing, it’s not easy. Especially as we enter the holiday season where the hustle and bustle of our lives greatly increases. The perceived societal expectations become overwhelming and we are not able to press the pause button on our life.

What can you do to put yourself on the top of your priority list once in a while? In what ways is your emotional well-being at risk because you are trying to do more for everyone else (rather than yourself), you are saying “yes” (when you really want to say no), and you brush aside increasing anxiety (when you really need to pay attention to your heart’s call for a reprieve)?

Press the pause button and check in with yourself. Making yourself a priority benefits you, your family and friends. Appreciate and love the wonderful, amazing person you are beneath all the “busy-ness”. Start today – even if only for 5 minutes – to do something for YOU! This article has many ideas for self-care.

And, if you are looking for a guide who will help you prioritize yourself, I’m here for you!

I will leave you with a song, by Jonny Diaz, which relates very well to this blog topic.

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Lisa is passionate about helping people to discover and live their best life. As a life and career coach, Lisa thrives on building solid, trusting emotional connections and being a positive advocate and accountability partner for you. Her coaching certifications and tools along with her personal and professional experiences result in a coaching experience that can help stressed out, overwhelmed clients to experience the joy and life satisfaction that Lisa now experiences. As an author, speaker and educator, Lisa speaks from the heart. Her engaging and inspirational style motivates people to continually grow and learn. She shares her personal struggles with anxiety and extreme stress openly and honestly while encouraging people of all ages to seek help.

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