Life Coaching and Career Coaching can help you in many areas of your life. Using traditional methods, it can take a while to identify and prioritize the areas requiring attention. In order to achieve results more easily and quickly, Lisa uses a tool called Success GPS™ which was developed by Quantum Leap University.
Using Success GPS™ you will be able to understand – in the first 30 minutes – how coaching could help you. Lisa offers the Success GPS™ assessment and the first 30 minute session at no charge so that you can have brief exposure to coaching before scheduling a standard session.

  • Understand why you may be experiencing stress, anxiety or discontent
  • Become aware of barriers that may be holding you back
  • Recognize why it has been challenging to be success in all areas of your life: work, family, self

Step 1:

Click on the Get Started button to take the Success GPS™ assessment.

Lisa Klarner - Lisa Coach - Success GPS Getting Started

Step 2:

Once you complete your Success GPS™ assessment, schedule your complimentary 30 minute discovery session with Lisa with face-to-face and phone options available!