That’s What Friends Are For

My son is nine and I see him developing some strong friendships.  He enjoys spending many hours with the type of friend who appreciates and understands his strengths and challenges.  Of course at nine, kids aren’t so self-reflective, but I observe and see that the friendships grow naturally because of the bond that is developing.

As an adult, I am blessed with great friends (and family members too!).  It wasn’t always easy for me to make friends, especially when I had social anxiety disorder.  But, God blessed me with a few friends even then.

Now, I see how the right people came into my life at the right time.  Friends – old and new – are there for me when I need them.  I like to think that I’m available for my friends when they need me too.  That’s all part of building a strong friendship.

I find it interesting sometimes how I can meet someone new and it feels like I have known them for a very long time.  A friendship is created instantly.  Conversations flow naturally and time passes quickly.  Even if I am not able to get together with those friends very often, every time I do it feels the same way.  The friendship is effortless and certainly a blessing.


When something exciting happens in your life, you may have a certain friend you always share the news with first.  Or perhaps you need to “vent” about a challenge in your life, maybe there is someone else you turn to.  Or when you are feeling depressed or anxious, one of your positive friends may receive a phone call.

It’s important to appreciate your friends (and your family) and make time for them because you have receive a gift that must be cherished.

Sending you all my love,



Lisa is passionate about helping people to discover and live their best life. As a life and career coach, Lisa thrives on building solid, trusting emotional connections and being a positive advocate and accountability partner for you. Her coaching certifications and tools along with her personal and professional experiences result in a coaching experience that can help stressed out, overwhelmed clients to experience the joy and life satisfaction that Lisa now experiences. As an author, speaker and educator, Lisa speaks from the heart. Her engaging and inspirational style motivates people to continually grow and learn. She shares her personal struggles with anxiety and extreme stress openly and honestly while encouraging people of all ages to seek help.

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